Which mask to choose according to its type of skin?

Which mask to choose according to its type of skin?

uring beauty treatments, the face mask is an essential gesture but to benefit from all its advantages, it is wise to know your skin type well.

That the skin is oily, mixed, dry, sensitive, the face mask is a complement of care to renew once or twice a week. Place a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply it in a thick layer. It is sometimes recommended to make some circular movements to activate the microcirculation of the face. Emphasize the T Zone which is a fatter place and therefore subject to more imperfections. Depending on the face mask used, rinse with clear water or remove excess product left with a soft cotton. It is of course advisable to avoid the eye contour and read carefully the instructions for use.

Mask for dry skin

The dry skin mask is naturally suitable for dehydrated epidermis. The ingredients used in dry skin products repair, soothe and moisturize by restoring the hydrolipidic film at the base of the skin. Caudalie offers a moisturizing mask that contains nourishing grape seed oil and vinolevure that is water-filled to retain moisture in the skin. Its good tolerance means that this mask can even be applied to the contour of the eye. Lierac also offers a moisturizing comfort maskwhich is in the form of an ultra creamy pinkish cream. It provides instant comfort with moisturizing pink clay, rose and cherry extract, shea butter and apricot oil, which also provides excellent skin nutrition.

Mask for oily skin

The oily skin mask must have a purifying and mattifying action. This kind of skin accumulates an excess of sebum that is conducive to the development of imperfections and pimples. The mask for oily skin must clean thoroughly and erase dead cells on the surface. In the Avène Cleanance range , the exfoliating mask is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Indeed, it contains a complex of fruit acids associated with exfoliating particles that will unclog the pores and promote the elimination of impurities to find a smooth and clean skin.

The Auriga Flavo-C mask is also an interesting and impressive treatment with its texture. In contact with the skin, it will blend into it and after a few minutes do like a second skin drying. This retraction will allow optimal penetration of the assets and thus release the skin of its impurities. The presence in the formula of zinc and magnesium will purify and smooth the skin by restoring all its freshness and radiance.

Mask for sensitive skin

The mask for the sensitive ones will also be suitable for fragile skin. In general, these skins are intolerant and very reactive. It is therefore necessary to choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and highly tolerated products. For example, La Roche Posay hydraphase intense mask soothes the most sensitive epidermis while moisturizing intensely. Tensions that cause discomfort disappear quickly.

Bioderma sensibio (Crealin) mask is also a product with strong calming and soothing power. It is based on Toleridine which will help restructure the skin barrier to prevent the penetration of irritants. Thus, this mask acts immediately against skin inflammation and helps to increase the threshold of tolerance. The skin therefore quickly retains comfort and lasting flexibility.

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