The virtues of black radish for health

The virtues of black radish for health

While pink radish is found in our plates and is consumed in nature, salad or accompaniment, this is not the case of the black variety. This vegetable is mostly used in alternative medicine. What are the virtues of black radish?

Short description of black radish

If black radish is still unknown to many people today it is because, unlike other vegetables of its kind, this variety is not cooked. It does not have to be recognized when it is prescribed because in this case, black radish is usually in the form of capsules, capsules, syrup or juice. However, also known as coarse grays, this herbaceous plant of the brassicaceae family will be recognized among thousands by its black roots, rough and rasping to the touch, of an average length of 15 to 20 centimeters for the varieties long and with a diameter of 6 to 10 centimeters for round varieties. Note that it is very easy to grow in the garden (see the black radish growing sheet ).

Thmedicineese are the only parts used of black radish. However, if Raphanus sativus var. niger is today very met in soft , it is not because of its form, but thanks especially to its components to mention only the vitamin C2 and the potassium. Moreover, this vegetable has already joined the list of therapeutic and medicinal leguminous plants listed by the French Pharmacopoeia.

The therapeutic benefits of black radish

Rich in glucosinolates, isothiocyanates and raphanin, big fat roots are particularly effective against digestive problems and intestinal transit . Black radish is usually prescribed for transient constipation, abdominal bloating or indigestion. Moreover, since this vegetable would also promote the secretion of bile, black radish would be an excellent purifier and detoxifier of the liver while taking care of liver pains.

This is why this root is recommended after alcohol abuse because its enzymes accelerate the elimination of toxins. But its benefits are not only these organs, but also extend to the respiratory system and blood circulation. Finally, saturated with antioxidants, black radish is an excellent anti-carcinogen.

Precautions for use

However, even though there has been no undesirable effect on this vegetable so far, a few precautions will have to be observed. And regarding dosage, in case of treatment or prevention, an adult should not ingest more than one hundred milliliters of black radish juice if diluted in water, otherwise fifteen milliliters so pure.

An overdose may be manifested by urticaria or heartburn. On the other hand, if the person suffers from gastric diseases like the ulcer for example, or obstruction of the bile duct by a lithiasis, black radish is to be avoided. In all cases, check with your doctor if you take medication to avoid bad associations and interactions.

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