SOS chapped lips: our 5 tips for chewy lips!

SOS chapped lips: our 5 tips for chewy lips!

ith the cold of winter and changes in temperature, taking care of your lips becomes more important than ever. Often neglected, lips also require special care. Discover all our tips to treat and beautify your lips smoothly!

Why are my lips chapped?

Much thinner than the skin of the face, the skin of the lips requires special attention . Without protective hydrolipidic film, the lips do not have the ability to self-hydrate naturally. As a result, if you do not think about protecting them from everyday external aggression, they will tend to dry up and provoke tightness, tingling or cracking!

But dry lips can also be a sign of a lack of hydration or the result of a cold . And yes, by clogging the nasal passages, the cold requires us to solicit our mouth more. Result: the lips dry out, lose flexibility and eventually crack!

How to preserve your mouth?  

Your lips are chapped, irritated or even painful? Do not panic ! By adopting the right beauty gestures , it will be very easy to display beautiful hydrated lips all year round.

1. We adopt new habits

· First reflex to adopt: we stop moistening our lips or tear off small dead skin! Why ? Simply because saliva contains particularly digestive digestive enzymes.

· To keep your lips healthy, limit your intake of acidic foods and favor products rich in vitamin B.

· In the sun, do not forget to take with you a care to protect your lips UV. Automatically opt for a lip balm that contains SPF such as Uimes’ Bariésun lip stick .

· Do you wear lipstick? Choose creamy, moisturizing textures that will not leave your mouth feeling hot.

  1. We moisturize until we are thirsty

To obtain soft lips, regular hydration is essential. Essential product to nourish your lips in depth: the lip balm . Ultimate barrier against drying, it is applied every day, several times a day, to soothe tugging and accelerate healing.

Our selection ?

  • Bio, the A-derma lip stick , formulated with rhéalba oat, repairs and moisturizes the chapped lips permanently.
  • Enriched with honey, the moisturizing balm Nuxe softens the lips deeply. What give the smile to the lips cracked.
  • Thanks to its creamy texture and caramelized odor, the moisturizing lip butter from the Korres brand soothes and restores vitality to dry lips. A gourmet pleasure everyday.
  1. We anticipate the signs of age

With age, the lips eventually lose their flexibility and elasticity. To keep volume and shape, we put on anti-aging care that smooth and plump the outline of the mouth. Choose a nutritious treat such as Filorga’s Nutri Filler Lips .

We hydrate ourselves from the inside

We will never repeat it enough but drink water! Very dry, some skins require an extra boost to be in good health. So for top-notch lips, do not forget to hydrate your body from the inside.

  1. We think exfoliation

To allow our care to penetrate the skin and get rid of dead cells, we think to exfoliate our lips at least once a week. How? With a gentle exfoliant specially designed for the lips . You do not have it on hand? Treat yourself to a homemade scrub  : mix a tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey, apply the mixture to your lips and massage in gentle circular movements.

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