Need to lose weight?

Need to lose weight?

Need to lose weight fast but you only have a small budget?

Surf quickly to and save up to 30 Euro per XLS Medical Box.

XLS Medical is an effective dietary supplement to control weight while maintaining a balanced diet and regular physical activity.
There are 3 products in the range:

XLS Medical Fat Sensor:

Which is a certified medical device for the control of the weight, made from a standard and unique fiber complex: LITRAMINE ™, composed in particular of dehydrated cactus leaves and enriched with lipophilic essential vitamins A, D and E.

At first, the fibers and fats form a complex too large to be absorbed by the body and in a second time, the vitamins are released to compensate for less absorption of vitamins that are present in fat.

XLS Medical Carbohydrate Blocker

Contains a patented GMO-free plant glycoprotein * complex derived from white beans: Phaselite ™ helps reduce carbohydrate uptake by reducing the activity of the enzyme responsible for their digestion: Alpha-amylase .
Phaselite ™ is therefore a 100% natural product that blocks 2/3 of slow sugars, ie 66%.

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer

Which is a medical device that helps control his weight. It provides a sense of satiety and helps to moderate appetite.
XLS Medical Appetite Reducer is a unique and effective product that contains Redusure TM, a high-fiber complex with a high swelling capacity that promotes a pleasant feeling of fullness.

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