I was allergic for 17 years, this allergy has worsened in asthma. Today, I am totally healed. I treated myself completely naturally after trying the allopathic methods! Do you want to know how?
In 1989, I’m 25 years old, I have colds repeatedly. I go to the doctor, apologize for disturbing him for a simple cold, but it becomes painful, chronic and boring. The doctor reassures me that there is no harm in coming to see him for a cold and that in fact it is not a cold but an allergy. He then offers me a two-week stay at the hospital to identify what I’m allergic to. Once the enemy is flushed out, I will be able to start desensitization. So it will be possible for me to force my body to accept what it refuses today. I’m executing! I learn that I am allergic to sulphites, pollens, mites … I also learn that an allergy hides another allergy and that allergies often trigger other allergies chain.

We then start desensitization. Stings every week then every month …

I am this program for several years, but nothing! allergies are always there …

In 1995, in an organic shop in London, I discovered a book under the title ” How the diet can help cure allergies .” I put this diet in place. This consists of a mono diet, mashed carrot and rice for 2 to 3 weeks and then reintroduce the diet gradually to identify the problematic food.

I am then this process. Great ! After a few days, only my allergy is calm, I continue and I lose a lot of pounds (10 kilos in 3 weeks). At first it was very good because I gained vitality and energy. But after 4 weeks, a certain weakness invades me. I reintroduce food gradually but it is impossible for me to identify the food that is involved. It seems that everything is going well at first. Then after one to two months of normal feeding, my allergy begins again. I forget all that and continue my life with my allergy. I understand that my diet is a problem but I need my food to survive. What to do ?

My allergy is gradually spreading to a multitude of foods. Fruits with smooth skin (strawberry, cherry, apple, pear, peach, brugnon, apricot …) with wine and beer. That falls badly, I am then leader of the wine chain Nicolas in England! I can not drink or taste what I sell! Allergic to dust mites (carpets). This allergy worsens with sometimes completely red eyes, the nose that runs constantly and at night I suffocate. I gradually become asthmatic.

Desensitization is then not enough, I take in addition a medicinal antihistamine drug. This one is very effective at the beginning, then less and less then I have to increase the doses. Problem, it puts me in a state of drowsiness. I have to compensate with coffee and tea so that I do not sleep all day.

I could not eat smooth-skinned fruit any more, when I tried, I had puffy puffs and I felt so badly. When I tried to drink wine or champagne, I triggered rhinitis and headaches.

I noted that my allergy was related to gastric acidity that I associate with hunger. Also I decide to eat snacks at 10 am and 5 pm (cupcakes). I discover later that it makes me fat and produce too much cholesterol …

All this continued until 2005. It was then 16 to 17 years that I began my desensitization. I was then used to this situation. I avoided all the annoying foods and I regularly took an antihistamine.

In 2005, I did something new. There I finally found a natural solution to no longer have any allergy . What do you want to know ? So ask me questions through this blog to encourage me to reveal what I did to heal myself completely and naturally of my allergy.

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