• How is it possible for us to stay alive while we are not eating when we are fasting?
  • How is it possible that we feel better and better when we fast?
  • Why are our cells still functioning when they can not live a split second without food?
  • How does the body feed during a fast?
  • Why tumors, mastoses, sclerosis, aged tissues disappear during a fast?
  • Why vital organs, such as heart and brain do not lose a milligram?
  • Why in some cases the hearing improves, the sight improves, our skin becomes softer, our face becomes more colored, we cure of our asthma, bronchitis, breast mastosis, ulcer …

But first of all, fasting is what?

It is voluntary abstention from food with the exception of water!
We can stay several weeks without eating, but only a few days without drinking. We have no water supply. Nevertheless in our tissues there are food reserves.
Why, which at first glance may seem absurd, without food can actually allow us to be healthier, even heal in some cases?
How to explain this? What is the reason ? If fasting improves our health see heals, how is it possible? By what mechanism?


Before talking about the fast, it is important to tell you not to go on a fast without asking a doctor who knows the fast.
In addition, it is preferable to make short and regular fasts (5 to 10 days) than heroic long fasts. Although for cancers and tumors it is necessary to plan several long fasts. It will then be advisable.

So why can fasting improve our health?


  • A person has, for example, a peptic ulcer. When eating, there is secretion of several liters of gastric juices per day (the secretion of acid). Chloridic acid in our stomach is very acidic
  • (pH 1.5 to 2).

We have the same gastric pH as big cats!

  • This very acidic secretion will prevent the healing of our ulcer. The ulcer occurs because there is on the one hand a lack of protective factors (bicarbonate and mucin) and on the other hand secretion of hydrochloric acid. People who have ulcers lack either bicarbonate and mucin, or they produce in excess hydrochloric acid. Three times a day the stomach is corroded by its own secretion. When the individual fasting, the first days there will be an exacerbation of the disease because of acid secretion. This may aggravate the ulcer over 24 to 48 hours. Nevertheless, then the stomach stops spontaneously to secrete. He reduces his gastric secretions and stops contracting. The lesion therefore stops undergoing contractions and the influx of acid. Resting the mucosa will finally heal.
  • Another example, The heart! The heart contracts according to individuals from 60 to 80 times per minute. Imagine someone with heart failure.

If the person fasting, what will happen?

  • The rhythm of the pulsations will decrease from 10 to 20 pulsations per minute. A heart that evacuated then 100 cubic centimeters of blood with each contraction (do not take the figures literally it is to demonstrate the effect of fasting, it is not a course of mathematics). That’s 6 liters of blood per minute. In one day, another 8,640 liters of heart-powered blood!

“A beautiful machine is not it? “

  • Imagine decreasing heartbeats by 20 beats per minute. You reduce in your day by 25% the effort of the heart. Instead of 8,640 liters of blood, there will be only 6,480 liters. The heart makes a saving of 2.1 tons in its propulsion of blood per day. In other words, the heart rests.

“The heart is in a deck chair during fasting! “

  • As the blood is stripped of waste by fasting and it is much more fluid, lighter, less dense, the heart accumulates savings. In the end He does only 40 to 50% of his usual work. It is therefore conceivable why under these conditions he can heal himself.
  • All the organs during the fast are put to rest. The digestive tract, which secreted 7 to 10 liters of secretions a day, will put itself in functional rest. The intestinal mucosa will become excretory. Instead of feeding nutrients into the blood to feed the cells, it will filter the blood. The intestine then becomes a filter organ during the fast. In the normal state, the intestine is already a filter organ. Nevertheless the blood filtration by the colon is weak outside the fast. During the fast, it will be activated, the colon becomes an additional emunctory. The kidney relaxes, the intestines rest, the heart rest, the stomach resting. And if we keep a gentle activity and not stressful, it is almost all the organs that are resting. This is why fasting is considered a physiological rest. The organs are resting …

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