How many calories a day to lose weight?

How many calories a day to lose weight?

ou have to create a calorie deficit to slim down. Here are the explanations and the steps to follow to lose weight more easily.

Many people ask the question “How many calories should I eat each day if I want to lose weight?”. The answer is not categorical, it is relative, clearly “It depends”. Technically, there is no magic number of calories (= kcal) that we have to eat every day in order to lose weight. To melt fat, you simply need to make sure you burn more kcal than you eat each day. Read also how to lose weight by doing the caloric count by clicking here .

Although most people can achieve weight loss by eating around 1500 calories daily, you can assess your personal caloric needs by doing some calculations, or using calculatorsfrom

> Why is it useful to estimate your calorie needs?

In order to know how many calories you should consume in order to maintain your body weight, you will need to do some math. Using the Harris and Benedict formula (recalculated by Roza and Shizgal) or Black’s formula, you can evaluate your basal metabolic rate, often referred to simply as “basal metabolism” .

The basal metabolism is the amount of energy that the body must burn at least daily to survive (to operate its organs for example). By consuming foods daily, you bring energy to your body. This number of calories required each day goes down as you get older .

To lose weight, you will have to reduce the calorie consumption (daily) so that it falls below your basic metabolism. You can also burn more kcal (while playing sports for example) and make sure that your daily caloric intake less calories burned by the sport remains lower than your basal metabolism. Read also the best sports to get a good caloric burn, click here .

> 1st step: calculate your basic metabolism

Your basal metabolism is the amount of energy your body needs to function. We use about 60% of kcal that we consume every day for basic physiological functions such as breathing.

To get your basal metabolic rate, use the Harris and Benedict formula:

  • If you are an adult woman : MB = 9.74 x D + 172.9 x T – 4,737 x A + 667,051
  • If you are an adult man : MB = 13.707 x P + 492.3 x T – 6.673 x A + 77.607

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