Professor David Khayat explains on February 2, 2012 in an interview that “cancer is not a disease”. For years scientists have been searching for the molecule that could fight this disease. Since 2011 we have confirmation that cancer is a mutation of the cell with alteration of genetic heritage. Most of the time mutant cells die. Nevertheless in the case of cancer, the cells that mutate are adapted to their environment and live. They then engage in an infinite proliferation process and become malignant. What is interesting is that the new genetic fingerprint of the cancer cell is different from the genetic fingerprint from which it originally came. The genetic fingerprint has changed. The solution is therefore a therapy based on the determination of the genetic fingerprint …


Explains for its part that cells asphyxiated by waste (pesticides, drugs, synthetic products, alcohol, tobacco, mobile phone, overeating, nibbling …) use fermentation to produce the energy necessary for their survival in an anaerobic environment. This fermentation produces lactic acid. This acid has the effect of breaking the DNA links … The mutated cell then becomes “crazy” and proliferates …

To put the odds on your side in case of cancer, fasting must be accompanied before and after a diet, taking food supplements and a very healthy lifestyle. The three recommended dietary supplements are Ecomer, Propolis and Quinton. Ecomer contains alkylglycerols derived from shark liver oil from cold seas. Testimonies of Robert Masson show that patients who use these alkylglycerols, three weeks before chemotherapy or radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer (except leukemia), keep, to the great surprise of doctors, have no or very few effects during treatment. Oncologists are sometimes so surprised they wonder if the patient has taken the doses of chemo or suggest to increase the doses and shorten the duration of the protocol. Professor Henri Joyeux (oncologist) uses Ecomer for his patients.

It is interesting then for a cancer patient to potentiate both the effect of Ecomer and that of fasting. Either to avoid chemotherapy or to better cross it. In this case it would be necessary according to the patient’s vitality to make fasts of 5 to 7 days and Ecomer cures before and during the chemo treatment.

For tired and deficient people, it is good to also take Fortior (trace elements) from SND. This natural dietary supplement helps correct the most common deficiencies and improves vitality.


Robert Masson draws on the work of Otto Heinrich Warburg, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931. He explained that the cancer cell evolves in acidic terrain and produces lactic acid to survive in the absence of mitochondria. Mitochondria are absent in a cancer cell that lives in anaerobiosis.

Why do cancer cells die when we fast?

Dr. Valter Longo is an Italian researcher, living and working in the United States. His research is fascinating and simple at the same time! He validated the effect of fasting on cancer cells. His testimony in the film by Sylvie Gilman and Thierry de Lestrade ”  Fasting, a new therapy? “Demonstrates that in fasting, our healthy cells are protecting themselves and are actually getting better. They kept a genetic inheritance allowing the adaptation to the extreme circumstances (the lack of carbohydrates during the fasting). In contrast, cancer cells have lost this genetic makeup and are dependent on carbohydrate. Without carbohydrate cancer cells regress or even disappear. The process can be accelerated by chemotherapy for those who have it. Dr. Valter Longo has published studies on mice subjected to very high doses of chemotherapy. Doses proportionally beyond the bearable for a man. Fasting mice survive and have no side effects. Mice that eat die or suffer deep trauma.

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