All our tips for losing belly fast!

All our tips for losing belly fast!

flaccid belly, which overflows, is the lot of many people! Excess food, sedentary, stress … Many are the enemies of the abs worn by the stars of Instagram, symbol “fit” par excellence. Even if this flat stomach so desired now seems inaccessible to you, you can lose this abdominal fatby combining a few simple actions without going through surgery!

Before you get into diets and abs sessions to no end, try to determine why the hell this belly keeps getting bigger:

  • Your body probably stores fat : this is the case for the majority of people wishing to lose weight belly  ;
  • You suffer from diastasis (a distortion of the right abdominal muscles), a pathology that occurs after pregnancy , for example. Do not hesitate to consult a physiotherapist or any other health professional to find out more about the subject;
  • You suffer from digestive problems : bloating and swelling caused by digestion a little too difficult mark on the abdominal belt. Often accompanied by flatulence, intestinal cramps and other nonsense, they deform the silhouette. In this case, it will primarily affect your diet.

Food: the first key to a flat stomach!

Yes, everything happens first on your plate! It is known: our body tends to store if it receives a heat input higher than its energy expenditure. Result: the belly swells, the handles of love are drawn … The simplest way to reverse the trend is precisely to avoid caloric foods, that is to say those that contain a very high rate of fat and of sugars. Focus on fruits and vegetables , accompanied by whole grains (brown bread and rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat) to boost the metabolism and reach satiety without starving yourself.

By focusing on foods with low glycemic index , you will reduce your insulin production and therefore the storage of fat. Finally, bet on good fats, which will bring omega 9 and other essential nutrients to your body without harming your health … or your weight (olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado and oilseeds).

In summary, forget about rillettes, pastries, white bread and milk chocolate; welcome your new allies: lemon, apple, pineapple, ginger, almonds and green vegetables. Be careful with cabbages, however, which could make life hard for your intestines.

To boost digestion while fighting water retention, there is only one solution: drink water  ! Water will probably be your best asset to reduce this ugly hack. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by regularly drinking green tea, herbal teas, or even fat-burning infusions .

The Natura Infusion Nutrisanté infusion brew with green tea and pineapple: also contains lemongrass, lemon and apple, for a complete action on the fats stored in the body.

Sport to boost metabolism

It is often thought that the curves of the belly are gumming with repeated abs and sheathing . Although these exercises are excellent for stimulating and strengthening the abdominal belt, they alone are insufficient to get rid of the belly fat. Yes, to see your pretty abs, we must melt the fat that hides them! Then, we know for a long time: losing fat in a targeted way is impossible, except via surgery.

The solution ? Bet on cardio sports , which refine the entire silhouette: the belly will follow naturally. So opt for the running, practical and effective to eliminate (in sessions of minimum 30 to 45 min), or swimming, which particularly solicits the abdomen and more broadly the entire bust. Pilates and yoga are also great activities to tone up effectively!

Combine at least two intense cardio sessions a week with several muscle building sessions targeting your lap belt: guaranteed results! The most effective exercises to deflate the belly involve the transverse (deep and lateral muscles of the abdomen), which contain the viscera and are responsible for the firmness of the belly. In short: no flat stomach without them! Here are some exercises to strengthen the transverses and tone the belly:

  1. The burpees  : nightmare of sports halls, the burpees is the flagship exercise of slimming coaches. Became famous thanks to the American soldiers and footballers who include him daily in their training, he works all the muscles of the body by increasing the stamina. The classic burpee is done by chaining three positions as quickly as possible: start squatting, hands on the ground; then throw your feet back to get into the cladding position; then return the feet forward to return to the starting position; jump as high as possible; start again, as much as you can!
  2. The skipping rope  : slimming activity par excellence, the skipping rope tones and strengthens the whole body. Excellent for the heart and muscular endurance, it involves a slight abdominal sheathing, necessary if you want to adopt the good posture! It burns as many calories as jogging, or 700 kcal per hour.
  3. The vacuum : we are not talking about a vacuum cleaner but a yoga inspired breathing exercise. It tones the entire trunk but has the advantage of targeting the deepest muscles of the abdominal belt, as transverse! Without accelerating the loss of fat, it tones the belly and reduces the waist in a few weeks of regular practice. It can be done upright, with your back straight or lying on your back, your arms along your body. Take a deep breath and exhale as you tilt your belly up as if you were trying to press the belly button on the spine. Hold the position for several seconds while breathing through the nose, then exhale gently while releasing the contraction. Ideal outside of your workouts,

To vary, you can combine these exercises with other fat burning cardio movements: mountain climbers, sprints, skipped lunges or squats, jumping jacks … Vary the efforts and especially: be regular!

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